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Group Dental Insurance

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Dental Insurance is the second most important insurance benefit for employees. 

Not having to pay for an annual check up and cleaning is a fantastic for anyone.

Then there is the added comfort of knowing that if you need a root canal, filling or other procedure you have coverage and it isn't going to have the negative financial impact that it would have without coverage.


There are several things that a business owner needs to consider when choosing the right dental plan for their team. 

The deductible of the plan, it is small compared to a health insurance plan but it does impact the price of the plan you choose. There is also the total coverage amount for procedures. Different plans can cover anywhere from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00. Some policies cover more procedures then others. 

The most important benefits to consider are the in-network providers. Some insurance companies have much better networks then others. If your team is happy with smaller networks that feature national chain providers that typically hire new dentists fresh out of college, that will save you money. 

However, if you want a vast network, that has quality providers and surgeons, you will have to pay a little more but you will have more satisfied employees that will appreciate the quality benefits you are providing and want to stay with your company.


For out of network providers there are also options. Your plan may not pay anything to outside networks, these are going to be low cost options. There are other plans that pay good benefits to out of network and others that have excellent out of network benefits. Make sure you ask your agent about all of your options. 

Dental benefits are important to your employees and therefore your small business.

We offer quality dental insurance options from multiple quality carriers and we can quickly find the right plan to meet your needs and your budget. 

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