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Core Value
A Self Funded Plan Featuring Reference Based Pricing
Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement
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Core Value from Allstate Benefits can save your business up to 20% on your company’s annual health insurance costs. Core Value operates on Reference Based Pricing. This solution pays medical providers a specific percentage above the standard Medicare rate which means your premiums cost less than PPO/HMO/EPO plans.
Also, your employees can visit any medical facility with no network restrictions. In years when employee claims are low you will receive a refund for a portion of your annual premiums. Approximately 60% of Core Value customers receive a refund annually.

An I.C.H.R.A. provides your company with cost predictability, flexibility and empowers your employees. With an I.C.H.R.A. the employer is protected from annual premium increases based on the health of the group because these are individual plans. Since individual plans are not subject to group rate increases, businesses save money.

The employees can choose any Individual plan they want from the Major Carriers available in your area. The entire process is managed through a powerful, intuitive software that makes plan selection and program management easy and simple for you and your employees!

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We also offer Minimum
Essential Coverage, a low cost,
ACA compliant alternative
to traditional Insurance.