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Major Carriers Plans

kaiser health insurance

Offered by

Anthem health insurance
cigna health insurance
Aetna health insurance
United Healthcare health insurance

Major Carrier Plans offer excellent benefits and are ideal for the employer that

wants seamless, reliable, tried and true health insurance for their business. 

These plans have excellent provider networks that outshine individual plan networks and are the only option if you want access to a PPO network.

These plans can often include benefits that are ideal for the ACTIVE lifestyle.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture benefits are included in some plans,

which might be ideal for your group, if you have an office full of "weekend warriors" on your payroll. Also, unlike a self funded plan, there is no underwriting questionnaire required in the quotation process, making the enrollment process much more seamless.


If your goal is to attract and retain top tier talent for your business, there is no other option than a health insurance plan from a Major Carrier.

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