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Group Vision Insurance

dental vision insurance

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dental vision insurance
dental insurance
dental vision insurance

Group Vision Insurance is an inexpensive addition to your small business's benefits package that will make your employee's feel that they are getting the entire suite of insurance products that employers typically provide. If you are planning on offering dental through your business, vision is a logical addition.

The features are fairly straight forward. You will have choices of various deductible amounts. Annual eye exams are a part of any plan. However, the important benefits to consider are the frequency with which your employees can get new glasses or contacts and how much of the expense is covered by the plan. 


The choice is either annually or every other year and the coverage on the lenses and frames or contacts can vary. However, the options are limited to a few simple choices, so reviewing and choosing a plan doesn't take much time. The price differences between the plans are relatively small. If you have a team that has a high incidence of vision issues, investing in a plan with great benefits is an inexpensive and easy way to show your people that you care and that you want them to stay on your company.

Whether you are a contractor or a tech start up, your employees vision is vital to your businesses success and offering Vision coverage as part of your health insurance benefits package will insure the Vision for your business is also successful. 

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