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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

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Research shows that most people are not financially prepared for the costs associated with an unexpected hospital stay, especially if they are on a high deductible health insurance plan. A Hospital Indemnity plan will help cover some of the costs that are incurred during a hospital stay. An indemnity plan is paid directly to the person the policy covers and that individual can decide what to do with the funds. They can pay pre-deductible hospital bills or living expenses, there are no restrictions and the benefits are not reliant on any other health insurance coverage.

This benefit is affordable and there is no underwriting restrictions for pre-existing conditions, so everyone of your employees qualifies. Family members can be added to the policy at the employees discretion and the additional premium cost can be paid directly from their paycheck with pre-tax dollars. The policy may be portable, allowing the employee to convert the plan to an individual policy if they leave the company and therefore keep the coverage.

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