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Identity Theft Insurance

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Identity Theft Insurance is the small business insurance benefit of the future.

It is also important to your business right now because cyber crime is everywhere and your employee's financial security is always at risk.


It is the benefit of the future because few business's provide identity theft insurance as part of their employee benefits package. That is changing and if your company is going to be a the forefront of providing a premier employee benefits package plus additional online security for your employee's and their families, then this is the benefits package that will put your small business benefits package far beyond any package that your competitors may offer. This is the benefit you want to include in your small business's insurance benefits package, if you want to impress potential hires and create company loyalty in your organization.


Not only can you provide your employee's with up to one million dollars in identity theft protection but you can offer them the technology, actionable alerts and remediation experts that can help them prevent. address and recover from identity theft. Give your employees the peace of mind that comes with top to bottom identity theft protection.

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