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Goodbye Paper!

The onboarding process with Eddy is completely paperless. All of your HR documents can be created, sent, signed, and stored 100% digitally. Clear up some floor space by losing the filing cabinet, and clean out your computer by moving on from spreadsheets. Eddy’s got you covered. Not only does this save time as you hire, it saves trees.

Employee Profiles


The employee directory you just read about is a collection of some of the info from the full employee profiles. Here, managers can see everything from contact info to job details, employee assets, documents, notes, and PTO balances. It’s more visual than spreadsheets and it’s much faster to navigate. (We’re open to challenges!)



New hires require an average of about 12 documents when they join your company. From I-9s to non-competes, there’s a lot to sign and store. Through Eddy, you can do all of this digitally. That’s right, you can create, sign and store documents without even thinking about a printer or risking a papercut.

Time Off

Accepting or denying PTO requests, figuring out how much PTO an employee has used, and seeing how much they have left should take no more time than it took to write this sentence (roughly 28 seconds). Eddy makes that possible.

Run payroll in minutes. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Easily approve hours and PTO requests,

Step 2: Sync your HR data, and we’ll automatically calculate taxes and withholdings.

Step 3: Review and submit payroll in a single click

And there you have it! You run payroll your way, we do the heavy lifting.

Automate payroll processes for accuracy and compliance.

Automate quarterly and annual tax filings and payments.

Keep new hire reporting and general ledger accounts accurate.

Know what’s happening at all times with our built-in payroll reporting.

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