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Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement

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An I.C.H.R.A. (which is an acronym for an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account) provides your company with cost predictability, financial flexibility and empowers your employees by allowing them to choose from dozens of health insurance plans.


With an I.C.H.R.A. small businesses are protected from annual premium price increases because these are individual plans. Since individual plans are not subject to group rate increases, businesses save money. Even if there is an individual plan market rate increase in a given year, the business owner can choose to maintain a static contribution amount toward his employees individual health insurance plan. That is price stability for the business owner that is unparalleled when compared to any other small business health insurance option on the market.

The employees benefit because they can choose any Individual plan they want from the Major Carriers available in your area. Most major metro markets in Colorado have over one hundred individual plans available for people to choose from. This means that your employees can choose the plan that meets their specific medical care needs, instead of having to choose from a handful of plan options on a typical major carrier plan. Employees like to feel empowered and an I.C.H.R.A. delivers the most value in giving your employees freedom of choice when it comes to their health insurance. 


The entire process, from enrolling your business to enrolling your employees is managed through a powerful, intuitive software that makes plan selection and program management easy and simple. 

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