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Minimum Essential Coverage or M.E.C.

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We also offer Minimum Essential Coverage, a low cost, ACA compliant alternative to traditional health Insurance.


According to the Affordable Healthcare Act, there are certain benefits that must be included in any health insurance plan to be considered ACA compliant.

Minimum Essential Coverage (M.E.C.) is a low cost health insurance plan that fulfills the mandates outlines in the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act requires that all employers with fifty or more full-time employees must provide health insurance coverage to all eligible employees or they will be subject to fines and penalties. Minimum Essential Coverage plans were created to satisfy the ACA requirements imposed on businesses without the high cost of traditional major carrier plans.


These plans lack the catastrophic coverage that is included in traditional health insurance plans. Functionally, M.E.C. plans include co-pay benefits for doctors, specialist and urgent care visits, wellness and preventative including Pediatricians and OBGYN's are also included.

For businesses that want or have to provide ACA compliant coverage for their employees but need the least expensive option possible, M.E.C. is the right choice. 

This plan includes an exclusive legal guarantee of compliance to employers who work with BCIA Compliance officers.

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