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Employee Benefits Management

Streamline your employee benefits

Rippling brings all benefits—health insurance, 401(k), commuter, and more—into one system and automates the busy work, like enrolling new hires, updating deductions, and administering COBRA.

Shop for new, affordable benefits in minutes

Quote, compare, and enroll in more than 4,000 plans from the nation’s leading carriers, including Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. You can even give your broker access to Rippling for additional guidance when choosing new coverage.

Pre-Existing Plans

Connect your current coverage in seconds

Keep your existing plans and pricing. Employees don’t need to re-enroll, change benefits, or update information. Coverage is fully transferred and managed in less time than it takes to make a coffee run.

New Hire Enrollment Program

Automatically enroll new hires in company benefits

When you onboard new hires, Rippling instantly invites them to review and enroll in health insurance, retirement benefits, and more. It's all 100% online and paperless.

Open Enrollment Software

Finish open enrollment in days, not weeks

Dread your job during open enrollment season? Now you don’t have to. Rippling makes enrollment unbelievably easy for employers and employees.

Labor Law Compliance

Automate ACA and COBRA compliance

Rippling automatically handles your company’s ACA and COBRA compliance work—like sending ACA notices and handling COBRA payments on your behalf. We keep track of all federal, state, and local policies, so you can rest easy knowing your workplace is always up to code.

Access to Broker Services

Work with any broker you choose

Rippling is the only HR platform that supports every broker, giving you the option to work with our brokers or your own.

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