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Benefits 4Business is the Small Business Health Insurance Colorado Specialist, offering affordable plans and simple implementation.

Experience simplicity

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Benefits 4Business
Simplified Savings

We offer money saving health insurance options, including Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Accounts and Self Funded Plans,

Self Funded Plans

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This health insurance plan allows employers to receive a partial refund on premiums paid at the end of the year when employee claims are low. If you have a relatively healthy employee group, you may also benefit from lower monthly premiums than a standard major carrier plan. This plan requires that each employee complete a secure, confidential health questionnaire. Pricing is dependent on the overall health of the group.


Self-funded plans offer an option called "reference-based pricing" which allows insureds to visit any doctor or medical facility they want with no network restrictions. This option can further reduce premium costs.  Benefits 4Business includes free employee training on how to maximize the cost-saving benefits offered with this plan option.  

A Health Reimbursement Account is an employee reimbursement program that pays employees back for their individual health insurance plans. Small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees can reimburse any amount. Group health plans require the employer to pay 50% of the premium. There is no minimum employee participation requirement. Standard major carrier plans can require 75% participation.

Employers can also reimburse the different amounts to eleven employee groups, including salaried, hourly, full-time, and part-time. Software service fees and a lack of PPO network access are detractors for some employers. However, employees can choose from dozens of individual plan options and pay for their portion of their premiums with pre-tax dollars directly from their pay checks. An I.C.H.R.A.s main benefit is affordability. 


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Major Carrier Plans

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Group health plans from the major carriers in Colorado generally offer the best combination of benefits and provider networks. PPO and EPO networks are available, and on the Silver metal tier plans and above, the plans have excellent benefits across the board, including RX, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Co-pay, Labs among many others. 

M.E.C. plans are ACA-compliant health insurance plans. These inexpensive plans offer preventative services that provide a zero-dollar co-pay and are covered 100%. For many medical visits, these plans have low co-pays. They include primary care, specialists, urgent care, and emergency room.


These plans utilize the First Health Network, owned by Aetna | Coventry, and is a national network with some of the deepest discounts in the medical field. Contact us today to find out more about plan specifics and pricing. They offer unlimited telehealth and an RX discount program. However, there is no catastrophic coverage. This plan is typically a good solution for a company with a young staff of part-time employees. 

Minimum Essential Coverage

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Small Business

Tax Credits

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Colorado has a small business tax credit program that helps small businesses partially offset some of their group health insurance costs. The tax credit can cover up to 50% of the small business's health insurance cost. Non-profits are capped at 35%. Small businesses receive the tax credit once they have filed their federal tax returns. This program is only available for two consecutive years. 


Qualifications Include:

· 25 full-time equivalent employees or less.

· Employee wages average less than $56K annually.

· Employer pays 50% of group plan premium. 


The tax credit amount depends on the number of employees and their annual compensation. The lower the employees' average income, the higher the tax credit. In Colorado, premium tax credits are only available on Kaiser Permanente small group health plans. We can help you see if you qualify for a premium tax credit. 

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Benefits 4Business
Simplified Shopping

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Get expert guidance from experienced agents on health insurance and other benefits.

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 Whether you are looking for the lowest price or a robust benefits package to attract and retain the best employees, we have the right solution for you.

Ongoing Support

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If you need help related to your health insurance or employee benefits, we are always available to help via email, phone or text.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

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Health insurance prices are standardized by law. No insurance company, agency or broker will have lower prices than we do.

No Agenda Service

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The right solution matters. We will help you quickly identify the right health insurance plan for your business and your budget.

Simplifying Health Insurance for Small Businesses in Colorado is our Singular Focus.

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Benefits 4Business
Simplified Management

Our experts have you covered with the best software for managing your small businesses health insurance with powerful H.R. solutions.

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to robust, powerfully integrated solutions for complex  businesses.

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From easy to use, money saving solutions for small businesses...

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Enjoy streamlined onboarding and fully integrated features including payroll, PTO, time tracking, compliance, apps and more.

A benefits administration software is an optional compliment to a group health insurance plan that is an affordable way to help your small businesses save time and money when it comes to annual plan enrollment and tracking of employee benefits. 


Scaling a small business is hard work and the time saving features offered by these solutions can help your business grow more efficiently. If you would like to see a free demo, please reach out  to us.

Call Us (970) 578-0212

Benefits 4Business
Simple Answers

We provide transparent information, so you know what to expect.

Here are 7 important things to know.


Do Colorado Small Businesses Have to Provide Health Insurance?

Small businesses with fewer than fifty full-time equivalent employees do not legally have to provide health insurance benefits to their employees. However, employer-provided health insurance does make it easier to attract and retain top-tier talent, which makes your business more competitive and profitable.


How Many Employees Does a Business Need to Qualify for Health Insurance? Small businesses need at least two full time employees to qualify for a group health insurance plan. The owner of the business counts as an employee.


Do Small Businesses Have to Offer Former Employees C.O.B.R.A.?

Colorado has what is known as a "mini C.O.B.R.A. law."  Small businesses of any size must send written notice to the employee of their right to continue coverage within 10 days of termination. The notice must include the monthly payment amount, payment instructions, and the consequences of non-payment. Termination due to gross misconduct forfeits inclusion for businesses with fewer than 20 employees. Coverage continues for 18 months or until the former employee becomes eligible for coverage through a new employer. For employers with more than 20 employees Federal C.O.B.R.A. laws apply. We offer full support. 


How Long Does it Take to Get a Health Insurance Quotation?

It generally takes 24 to 48 hours to turn around most quotations once we have the necessary information. Any broker, agency or insurance company will need basic information on your business and your employees to accurately quote health insurance premiums. Our expert agents work hard to keep the process simple.  


What is the Process to Get Started?

Once you have selected the plan or plans you would like to offer your employees you will need to complete a business application. Your employees will also need to complete an employee application or sign a waiver if they are declining coverage. Your initial payment is collected via EFT. Additional information may be needed in some cases. We assist you in all aspects to ensure the process goes smoothly.


Do You Offer Other Employee Benefits?

We can complement your health insurance with other excellent employee benefits, including Dental, Vision, Life, Disability and more. Some providers, like Anthem, allow you to bundle additional employee benefits to save your business money and add the convenience of a single monthly invoice.


Will I Get a Web-Portal or App Included with My Business Health Insurance Plan? Health insurance carriers provide web portal access to make tracking data and payments easy. Most health insurance companies also offer apps that allow employees to easily access plan benefit information and digital insurance cards.

If you would more detailed information, please visit our comprehensive FAQ's page.

Benefits 4Business
Simplified Service

"At Benefits 4Business we're not just an insurance agency. We're in the business of forging strong, lasting relationships. We provide a culture of partnership and service that help small businesses succeed."


 We offer health insurance plans from all the premier carriers in Colorado

and we can grow along with your business by providing the benefits

management tools and ongoing support you need.

No pressure, just free expert consultations and quotations.  

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